2004  » EA Sports 500


Description One year after his spectacular crash on the backstretch, Elliott Sadler would once again find himself upside-down at Talladega Superspeedway.

Coming to the chequered flag, Sadler was squeezed onto the apron in the tri-oval while dueling for 13th, causing him to spin into the grass, blowing over, striking the track upside down, before quickly turning back onto his wheels. He was uninjured, and was credited with 23rd.

Sadler’s crew chief Todd Parrott, decided after that race, that he would stuck a large sticker on the car’s dash, with the words “Keep all four wheels on the ground at all times”, and fortunately for Sadler, he did exactly that for the rest of his career.  
Year 2004  
Driver(s) Elliott Sadler
Category Stock Cars  
Series NASCAR Cup Series  
Vehicle Ford Taurus  
Country United States  
Circuit Talladega Superspeedway  
Event EA Sports 500  
Fatal No  
Also Involved  
YouTube Link  
Photo Credit Getty Images  

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