1964  » Internationales Schleizer Dreieckrennen

Description East German driver Hans-Theo Tegeler crashed his Wartburg-engined Melkus 64, entered by the MC Post Dresden, on the second lap of the International Race, which was part of the 31st edition of the Schleizer Dreieckrennen, on the 7.631-kilometer public road course of Schleizer Dreieck, near the town of Schleiz, Thüringen, East Germany, on Sunday, 14 June 1964.

Hans-Theo Tegeler was taken to a local hospital, and later he was trasferred to a hospital in Jena. He never recovered and passed away on Tuesday, 07 July of that year, aged twenty-eight.  
Year 1964  
Driver(s) Hans-Theo Tegeler
Category Open Wheelers  
Series East Germany Championship  
Vehicle Melkus 64 - Wartburg  
Country Germany  
Circuit Schleizer Dreieck  
Event Internationales Schleizer Dreieckrennen  
Fatal Yes  
Also Involved  
Photo Credit Jan Müller  
Tags Collision with a Tree  

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