2013  » Cronograma Gran Premio Speed Agro


Description A violent crash marred the Turismo Carretera race at Rafaela in 2013. At the start of the third heat, front row starters Norberto Fontana and Néstor Girolami were dueling one another down the frontstretch when Girolami attempted a banzai pass from the outside entering the first chicane. Girolami (#7) swept in front of Fontana, then ran off the course, seemingly having carried too much speed into the corner. His car spun directly in front of traffic, wiping out half the field. All drivers walked away from the crash under their own power.

While Turismo Carretera is rather infamous for its aggressive driving standard, organizers had agreed to begin cracking down on blatant recklessness after the death of Guido Falaschi two years prior. They promptly suspended Girolami for five months.  
Year 2013  
Driver(s) Néstor Girolami
Norberto Fontana
Mariano Altuna
Esteban Guerrieri
Martín Ponte
Leandro Mulet
Laureano Campanera
Diego De Carlo
Gabriel Ponce De León
Lionel Ugalde
Ricardo Risatti
Category Stock Cars  
Series Turismo Carretera  
Vehicle IKA Torino Cherokee
Dodge Cherokee
Chevrolet Chevy
Ford Falcon  
Country Argentina  
Circuit Autódromo Ciudad de Rafaela  
Event Cronograma Gran Premio Speed Agro  
Fatal No  
Also Involved  
YouTube Link  
Photo Credit HistoriaTC  
Tags Pileups  

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