1970  » Brands Hatch 1000km


Description Barrie was invited to partner Howden Ganley at the big Brands meeting. This Lola had a flat tappet engine which was well below the power of the usual T70 Lolas. The meeting was really wet and Goodyear had run out of wet rears for the Lolas, so practice was delayed and the Lola started from the back of the grid with wet fronts but hand grooved rears which made the Lola pretty impossible to drive in the flooded conditions.

Howden would not start so it was left to Barrie to have a go. He nearly spun three times on the warm up lap and only managed three quarters of the first lap before crashing heavily on the start finish line having lost control at Clearways.

This was Barrie’s only serious accident in 8 seasons of motor sport. Only the car and Barrie’s pride was hurt, he was not injured. The shame was that less than 70 miles away sat the Avalon T70 Lola with two sets of new wet tyres but no one knew it was going to be that wet or that no suitable tyres would be available.  
Year 1970  
Driver(s) Barrie Smith
Category Sports Cars  
Series World Sportscar Championship  
Vehicle Lola T70 Mk3B GT  
Country England, UK  
Circuit Brands Hatch  
Event Brands Hatch 1000km  
Fatal No  
Also Involved  
Photo Credit http://www.frenchpix.com/racingtimes/otherdrives/  

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