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* Search by decade by setting Year -> 'Starts With'. Typing '197' will display all crashes between 1970 and 1979
* Searching by Description may allow you to find crashes by certain details. Consider some keywords which might be relevant.
For example, 'thrown out', 'ejected', 'puncture', 'spectators'.
Series are specified in a simple form. 'Non-championship' displays all races which were held outside of a championship.
However, some series have been grouped together and categories under one title. For example, all historic race series are grouped
together under 'Historics'. Further details such as the organising club and race title are usually specified in the Description. Other
examples, such as 'Private Test' may come under Series or Event.
* All circuits and accident locations are listed in alphabetical order under Location. To find all crashes in a specific country, simply
type in, for example, 'England' or 'Germany'. This is likely the most easy way to find a circuit.
Events may be difficult to search. Some Grand Prix may be listed as 'German Grand Prix', while others may be listed as
'Grand Prix of Nice'. Setting the dropdown to 'Contains' and entering keywords may be the best method.
* Checking the NOT box tells the Search Engine to hide results which don't include your entered search term. For example, if you
want to view open wheel crashes, excluding Formula 1, select Category -> Equals -> Open Wheelers. Then under Series, select
or type Formula 1 and click NOT. Formula 1 crashes will be excluded from the search results










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