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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
1982 David King Touring Cars [Unknown] Permanent Circuit Sandown International Raceway No
1931 Liberto Méstola
Osvaldo Médica
Alberto Ansaldo
Stock Cars [Non-Championship] Public Roads Mercedes (Circuit París Giannini) Gran Premio Otoño Yes
1929 Ernst Mahla Open Wheelers [Non-Championship - Hillclimb] Hillclimb Lückendorf Lückendorfer Bergrennen Yes
1928 Domingo Bucci Open Wheelers [Non-Championship] Public Roads Córdoba (La Tablada) Premio Audax Yes
1924 Malcolm Campbell Open Wheelers [Land Speed Record] Dirt/Sand/Grass Track Fanø Land Speed Record Yes
1926 Dick Howey Open Wheelers [Non-Championship] Hillclimb Boulogne-sur-Mer Unknown Yes
1962 Richie Ginther
Maurice Trintignant
Dan Gurney
Innes Ireland
Open Wheelers Formula 1 Street Circuit Monte Carlo Monaco Grand Prix Yes
1988 Ivan Capelli Open Wheelers Formula 1 Street Circuit Detroit Street Circuit Detroit Grand Prix No
2015 Tomás García Hamilton Rallying Argentinean Rally Championship Point-to-Point Arroyo Urquiza - La Tigrera Rally de Entre Rios Yes
2009 Gert Huzink/Aaldert Aaltink Rallying ASAF Rally Championship Point-to-Point Braives Rallye de Hannut Yes

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