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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
1963 Nelson Stacy Stock Cars NASCAR Grand National Oval (Paved) Atlanta Motor Speedway Atlanta 500 No
1964 Graham Hill
Lorenzo Bandini
Open Wheelers Formula 1 Permanent Circuit Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez Mexican Grand Prix No
1983 Rolf Stommelen Sports Cars International Motor Sports Association (IMSA) Permanent Circuit Riverside International Raceway Los Angeles Times/Datsun 6 Hours of Riverside Yes
1955 Sergio Mantovani Open Wheelers Formula 1 Permanent Circuit Valentino Park Turin Grand Prix No
1977 Brian McGuire Open Wheelers Shellsport G8 Series Permanent Circuit Brands Hatch Yes
1914 Billy Chandler Open Wheelers American Automobile Association (AAA) Street Circuit Elgin Elgin National Trophy Race No
1898 Marquis Renaud de Montaignac de Chauvance
Alfred Hézard (Riding Mechanic)
Open Wheelers [Non-Championship] Public Roads Périgueux, Dordogne Grande Course d'Automobiles de Périgueux Yes
1976 Clive Richardson Saloon Cars Tricentrol Super Saloons Permanent Circuit Silverstone No
1938 Count Giovanni 'Johnny' Lurani Open Wheelers [Non-Championship - Grand Prix (Pre-War)] Permanent Circuit Crystal Palace London Grand Prix No
1976 Clive Richardson Saloon Cars Renault 5 Series Permanent Circuit Mallory Park No

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