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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
2006 Roman Kresta Rallying British Rally Championship Point-to-Point Isle Of Man Rally No
1961 Denis Kinghan Open Wheelers Formula Junior Permanent Circuit No
1971 Brian Dennis Rallying International Rally Championship Point-to-Point Fram Castrol International Welsh Rally No
1954 Marguerite Anne Delorme/Robert Delorme Rallying [Non-Championship] Point-to-Point Rallye Féminin Paris - St. Raphaël Yes
1989 Ramiro Fernandes/António Germano Cruz Monteiro Rallying Portuguese Rally Championship Point-to-Point Rally das Camélias Yes
1979 Jerzy Landsberg/Janusz Szajng Rallying Polish Rally Championship Point-to-Point Rajd Krakowski Yes
2001 Kent Ode Johannessen Rallying [Non-Championship] Point-to-Point Hokksund Rally Yes
2004 Julio Caesar Cheek
Óscar Auza
Rallying [Non-Championship] Point-to-Point Vuelta a los Yungas Yes
2007 Khalid Bakhressa, Jr./Moses Motovu Rallying Tanzania Rally Championship Point-to-Point Zanzibar Rally Yes
1983 Pekka Mällinen
Reijo Nygren
Rallying World Rally Championship Point-to-Point Rally Finland Yes

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