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   ID Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Circuit Event Fatal  
View 2011 Gianfranco Muzio Touring Cars Ilirska Bistrica Ilirska Bistrica No
View 2019 Fabrizio Bonacchi Open Wheelers Italian Historic Hillclimb Speed Championship Camucia-Cortona Cronoscalata Camucia-Cortona - Trofeo Paolo Piantini Yes
View 1972 Dieter Basche Touring Cars European Hillclimb Championship Freiburg-Schauinsland Bergrennen Freiburg-Schauinsland No
View 1991 Darrell Waltrip
Joe Ruttman
Stock Cars NASCAR Cup Series Daytona International Speedway Pepsi 400 No
View 1987 Merv Treichler Stock Cars NASCAR Busch Series Daytona International Speedway Goody's 300 No
View 1987 Billy Standridge
Bill Elliott
Stock Cars NASCAR Busch Series Daytona International Speedway Goody's 300 No
View 1987 Brett Hearn Stock Cars NASCAR Busch Series Daytona International Speedway Goody's 300 No
View 1922 Pierre Gaudermen Sports Cars Non-Championship Gaillon Course de Côte de Gaillon No
View 1961 C. Battle Touring Cars Non-Championship Oliver's Mount Oliver's Mount Hill Climb No
View 1929 Heinrich-Joachim von Morgen Open Wheelers Non-Championship Semmering Semmering-Rennen No
View 2008 Ernst Zahnd Saloon Cars Swiss Hillclimb Championship for Touring Cars Massongex-Vérossaz Course de côte Massongex-Vérossaz Yes
View 2008 Luboš Opolský/Martin Nosovský Saloon Cars Carbonia Cup Dlouhá Louka Dlouhá Louka hillclimb Yes
View 1977 Franz Josef Schreiner Sports Cars Non-Championship Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan Verzegnis-Sella Chianzutan Yes
View 2019 Erich Öppinger Sports Cars German Hillclimb Championship Mickhausen Bergrennen Mickhausen No
View 1969 Helmut Koinigg Touring Cars European Hillclimb Championship Gaisberg Internationaler Großer Bergpreis von Österreich No
View 1984 Péter Szabolcsi Touring Cars Hungarian Hillclimb Championship Pilis Duna-kanyar Autós Hegyi Verseny Yes
View 1935 Joseph Cattanéo Open Wheelers Non-Championship Château-Thierry Course de Côte à Château-Thierry Yes
View 1982 Guglielmo De Simone Sports Cars European Hillclimb Championship Sila Coppa Sila Yes
View 1951 Bruno Sojka Sports Cars Non-Championship Ecce Homo Ecce Homo Yes
View 1972 Dick Barker Open Wheelers Formula 2 Crystal Palace London Trophy No
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Details found: 4934
Page 1 of 247
Records Per Page: 

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