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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
1969 Mick Michael Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Liverpool Speedway A.C. McGrath Sidecar Handicap Final Yes
1962 Roy Mayhew Motorcycling National Road Racing Championship Permanent Circuit Brands Hatch Yes
1957 Brian Bennett Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Rowley Park Speedway Yes
1956 Fritz Dirtl
Josef Kamper
Mieczyslaw Polukard
Motorcycling Speedway World Championship Permanent Circuit Oberhausen Trabrennbahn Yes
1956 Robert Raymond Dunn
Frank Wanczyk
Sports Cars AMA Oval (Paved) Lakeside Speedway Yes
1955 Ernesto Merlo/Domenico Magri
Carlo Carrani/Guido Cipriali
Motorcycling Sidecars (Italian Championship) Street Circuit Luino Circuito Motociclistico Città di Luino Yes
1954 Rasmus Kornum/Herman Kornum
Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Hobro Yes
1952 Hauke/Jacob
Heinz Bauch/Erika Bauch
Motorcycling Sidecars (German Championship) Permanent Circuit Hamburger Stadtpark Hamburger Stadtparkrennen Yes
1951 Raffaele Alberti
Guido Leoni
Antonio Ronchei
Primo Zanzani
Otello Spadoni
??? Bendogni
Motorcycling Campionato Italiano di Velocità Street Circuit Ferrara Circuito di Ferrara Yes
1938 Richard K. Ince Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Oval (Paved) Oakland Speedway Yes

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