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Picture(s) Year Driver(s) Category Series Track Type Circuit Event Fatal
1958 Jacques Drion/Inge Stoll-Laforge Motorcycling Sidecars (Non-Championship) Street Circuit Brno Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia Yes
1956 Michel Mouty Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Street Circuit Brno Grand Prix of Czechoslovakia Yes
1955 Ray Amm Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Permanent Circuit Imola Coppa d'Oro Shell Yes
1912 Eddie Hasha
Johnny Albright
Motorcycling Eastern Motor Racing Association Oval (Paved) Vailsburg Motordrome Yes
1992 Gilles Lalay Motorcycling [Non-Championship] Francaville - Pointe Noire Rally Paris - Le Cap Yes
1978 Engelbert Horvath Motorcycling 350cc Austrian Championship Street Circuit Amstetten – Zeillern Yes
1976 Tommy Jansson Motorcycling Speedway World Championship Gubbængens Idrottsplads Swedish World Championship Qualifier Yes
1976 Kazimierz Araszewicz
Marek Nabialek
Motorcycling Polish Speedway Team Championship Włókniarz Częstochowa Stal Toruń vs. Włókniarz Częstochowa Yes
1976 Jan Jørgensen/Giese Motorcycling Sidecars (Danish Championship) Charlottenlund Travbane Yes
1960 Cam Gagliardi Stock Cars NASCAR Modified Oval (Paved) Daytona International Speedway No

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